Niagara Vinegar Products

“Variety is the spice of life!”

Taste and enjoy the many vinegars, grapeseed oils, dippers, glazes, syrups, jellies,
reductions and cooking wines that we create to tantalize your senses!

Gourmet Sauces

We call it the everything sauce.  Much more then a bread dipper, these wonderful sauces can be used on the barbeque with any type of meat or fish. In a vegetable stir-fry, in a pasta dish, in a chicken wrap, or simply a dip for your appetizers.


Bread Dippers are a satisfying and delicious addition to any meal. Zesty and quick, these dippers are great for entertaining and add a special touch to regular cooked meals. Simply shake well and pour your bread dippers into an individual shallow bowl and serve with crusty Italian bread, focaccia, calabrese or French baguette. You can also use these tasty dippers as a marinade or salad dressing.


All natural – no preservative

Made with wine vinegar and grapeseed oil.


Proudly Using All Natural Ingredients

Niagara Vinegar Co. Creates The Highest Quality Products That Are Stunning To The Eye.

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