Niagara Vinegar Salted Cooking Wines

Cooking Wine

Meticulously crafted from the by-products of Hernder Estate’s winemaking, our Cooking Wine is available in both pre-salted and unsalted varieties.

This versatile essential caters to the discerning tastes of home chefs and restaurateurs alike.

Choose from various sizes and infuse your dishes with the rich, authentic flavours derived from Niagara’s esteemed vineyards. Enhance every recipe with a touch of Hernder’s winemaking excellence.

Perfect for use in all your favourite recipes including sauces, stews, chili, reductions or even for marinating your favourite meats.  This high-quality cooking wine is sure to add rich flavour to all your dishes.

Various Sizes Available

1.4 litre glass    |    2 litre bag    |    5 litre box    |    20 litre box

Ideal for chefs!

All Natural           No Preservatives