3 Pack Mini Icewine Jelly

Introducing our Icewine Jelly Sampler Trio – a symphony of indulgence handcrafted in Niagara with the renowned ice wine from Hernder Estate. Whether drizzled on artisanal cheeses, spread over warm toast, or placed strategically on a charcuterie, each jar offers a unique taste of Niagara’s terroir. Experience the essence of ice wine in every jar and let your palate dance.

Each trio sampler includes one red pepper ice jelly, while the other two are random. Additional flavours include: Blueberry Ice, White Ice, Red Ice, Peach Ice, Cranberry Ice, Maple Ice, Strawberry Ice.

30ml each jar.

Click here for full size jellies.

Also available in other formats (ie: plastic bullet for ease of drizzling). Contact us for details.